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Scan through DAYS of video Instantly and Visually

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With ease of access to your recorded video, both locally and over the Internet, that means that you will start to use your video for more than just when something terrible happens.

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AVM Remote Access

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The majority of home securiYour video is at your fingertips with our new AVM systemty camera systems on the market are little more than a “digital VCR”.  Sure they call themselves DVRs, and tell you how easy it will be to access the video, but you find out as soon as you install it, that you will have to spend hours just to see what happened during the day.  Our new Advanced Video Management System is in a Class of its own, giving you the playback and scanning ability that you want.

With this system, you do not have to play through the whole day of video to see what happened, which means that instead, you are able to scan through the video visually to see if anything happened.  By doing this, your home camera system becomes more useful…which means you will actually use it.

Get home after a day at work, and instantly see anyone who stopped by the house, and everything that happened.  It is that easy!

Just Drag your Mouse & Visually Scan through the day.