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Now Only:

WiFi Indoor HD Mini-Cam with MicroSD Card and iPhone/Android Remote View

+ Now with FREE AVM Lite NVR Software



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HD WiFi Wireless IP Camera

This new HD IP Camera is perfect for home security applications.  With the built-in WiFi Wireless connectivity, you can simply plug it into power, push a button and the camera is up and running.  This camera uses the secure wireless encryption of your WiFi router with push-button WPS security.  Now you can place a camera virtually anywhere in your home, and have live streaming video remotely, record to a microSD card or onto your PC with the AVM Lite NVR software, as well as remotely view the camera live over the Internet.

Mini HD WiFi Camera with MicroSD Card and WPS Wireless Connection

You do not need to have a PC to use this advanced Wireless camera either!  This camera has a built-in microSD card slot, to allow the camera to record when motion is detected right onto the card for later playback.  The motion detection algorithm built into the camera is configurable, so one camera can truly be a complete home security camera system.

Connect right in to view your Mini Cam live over the internet from iPhone or Android phones and tablets with the included FREE apps.  This allows you to use this camera as a home security camera system, baby monitor, watch elderly parents or much more.  No configuration is needed on the internet, as cloud access is built-into the camera to allow you to connect to the camera directly at any time.

Further enhance your home security experience with the included AVM (Advanced Video Management) Lite NVR Software.  This software will run on any PC in your house to record from up to 4 of these or other IP cameras and provide you with better functionality.  This software provides you with the ability to easily and quickly scan through recorded video - allowing you to scan through an entire day in 15 seconds visually.  This means that you spend less time trying to find your video and more time enjoying your day

Record onto a MicroSD card with this Mini IP Camera iPhone and Android Access is built in to this Mini IP Camera

You won’t find an easier camera to connect to the network than this HD IP camera.  Simply press the WPS button on any router, then press the reset button on the back of the HD IP Camera, and the camera will automatically connect to the WiFi network.  No Messy setup or configuration.

Connect to your WiFi Network easily with this Push-Button Mini IP Camera Record and playback up to 4 IP cameras with AVM Lite included with this camera

AVM Lite NVR Software Included

Remote Access from iPhone/Android

Motion Detection Recording

Easy Push-Button WiFi Setup