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Not sure what you need for your home security system?  Visit our Naperville, IL showroom at:

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Platinum CCTV Surveillance Solutions, has been in the business of connecting people with their home, family, pets and businesses for over 12 years.  Our innovative solutions are only second to our technical support, during setup, and for the life of your system.

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Support for your System

There are many companies that sell security camera systems, but very, very few that stand behind their products.   We pride ourselves in our technical abilities and staff, who provide you with the needed assistance, regardless of your technical background.  That way, you will have not only the BEST EQUIPMENT, but also the BEST SUPPORT STAFF, so you will be equally as happy with your system 5 years from now, as you will be when you receive it.  

Just call us at (866) 537-5438 with any questions at any time.

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