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Advanced Home Camera Systems that really work for you!


You aren’t watching your cameras all the time.

Real Text/Email Alerts - #3 Advantage

ItYour Home can Alert you by Text when something is important to watch! is inevitable, when something important happens, you won’t be watching the cameras live, no matter how easy it is to access the live video.  This can happen due to inconveniences like ‘sleep’, ‘work’ and other daily annoyances. This is the reason it is critical to select a system that can be expanded to provide you with alerts to let you know when something is really happening.

Built-in motion detection capabilities can be configured to send email or motion alerts when any motion is detected. However, the AVM system can also be expanded to provide more intelligent alerts.  With integration to an alarm system or other sensors, you can receive even more intelligent alerts.

Useful System Alerts:

All alerts can be scheduled during certain times/days

Always KNOW what is happening when you are gone

*Enhanced email/text alert packages available with various sensors depending on your needs.

Enhanced Video Analytic Alerts

See Enhanced Analytics in Operation

Our newest addition to our AVM (Advanced Video Management) System is our HD IP Cameras with Enhanced Video Analytics.  These cameras will not only see motion and send video, but will also determine the size, shape and speed of an object, to determine when a person or vehicle is entering your property.  With one of these new video analytics cameras in place, your system can now provide you with proof-positive alerts so that you can know even before someone reaches your front door, and send you text or email alerts with a picture.  Now, you can know at a glance when someone is in your private space.

Enhanced Analytics Cameras

These advanced-level analytics cameras range from $800-1400/camera and can be added onto any of our Advanced Video Management systems.  As these cameras are brand new, call us at (866) 537-5438 if interested, and we can assist you in finding a camera that will suit your needs with advanced analytics.  We normally recommend using these cameras in key areas like your driveway and front door area.  Included with purchase is the initial configuration of the camera, and setup of the video analytics alerts with your AVM system.  

With our AVM system, you can add Analytics cameras at any time.

Use System Alerts to make Cameras Useful

No one really wants to watch their cameras all the time.  That is why our advanced video management system delivers extended capability options, allowing you to know what happens, without even having to watch.  Now you just need to connect in when the system lets you know that something is happening.  Packages available with sensors and advanced analytics cameras.

Other Systems say “We have Alerts”…
We know that many other systems state that they have alerts.  However, their motion alerts are just based on generic video motion detection.  This means that anytime the system records, it would also alert.  Their systems are not capable of advanced scheduling and external alerts.  This means that their customers shut off the alerts almost as soon as they turn them on because of false alerts.


There are many more features too!

Get your Home System Now

Get a Text or Email when a person walks towards your home from these IP Cameras

These Special Cameras can determine a person from an animal, bird or vehicle

and then send alerts based on motion into predetermined zones.

Know when someone is nearby with our Enhanced Video Analytics


Stay Tuned…Video Coming Soon

All of these sensors can be incorporated with the AVM system using the Alarm Input Add-on card.  Once the sensors are wired in, Text and Email alerts can be set up based on a schedule and even enabled/disabled remotely.  Start KNOWING what is happening at your home!

Endless Alert Possibilities

AVM can Text you when you need to watch!

Analytics cameras already available!