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Now Only:

1080P HD IP Outdoor Infrared Armor Dome Camera with 3x Electronic Zoom Lens

+ Now with FREE AVM Lite NVR Software




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1080P HD IP Outdoor Infrared Armor Dome IP Camera

For your first choice in ultimate video coverage, our HD-6230 High Definition 1080P Camera will far exceed your expectations. The camera also comes with a 3x Optical zoom lens with auto focus which allows you to adjust it at anytime from your PC, Android, or iPhone. At its widest field of view, the HD-6230 covers ~100°, or you can easily zoom the camera in to cover a 30° field of view. The attractive 4" dome housing is weatherproof for easy installation indoors or outdoors, while providing great quality video and clarity for your home

1080P HD IP Outdoor Infrared Armor Dome IP Camera

This HD camera comes with built-in IR LEDs, which will provide you with great quality video, even at night up to 65’ away without any other light source.  This means that you can keep watch over the inside or outside of your home even in the dark of night.

By simply connecting a standard CAT-5 or CAT-6 network cable from this HD IP camera into any PoE switch, you’ll be able to easily provide power while connecting it to the network at the same time. There is also an auxiliary power connector which can be used instead of a PoE switch. (A 12V 1 Amp power adapter can also be used to supply power).  Auxiliary audio connections allow you to plug in an external microphone to enable audio recording too. Only the Network connection is required for normal operation (when used with a PoE Switch)

Further enhance your home security experience with the included AVM (Advanced Video Management) Lite NVR Software.  This software will run on any PC in your house to record from up to 4 of these or other IP cameras and provide you with better functionality.  This software provides you with the ability to easily and quickly scan through recorded video - allowing you to scan through an entire day in 15 seconds visually.  This means that you spend less time trying to find your video and more time enjoying your day.

Great night vision capabilities at night This HD IP camera is easily connected to the network

This Dome style IP Camera has a built-in wide ~100° viewable angle for excellent outside coverage of your home. When you combine the HD 1080P Resolution video with a wide angle lens, you get great video coverage with less cameras.

This great 1080P Armor Dome Camera blends right in to any home or business, with bright, vibrant color video Record and playback up to 4 IP cameras with AVM Lite included with this camera

AVM Lite NVR Software Included

Easy to Connect

Infrared LEDs for Great Night Vision

Wide View For More Coverage