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Advanced Home Camera Systems that really work for you!


The indoor areas of your home are very important to you.  After all, that’s where your family plays, pets lounge and where your valuable possessions are located.  That is why we have made it easier than ever to protect the areas in your home in a safe, secure and accessible manner.  

Our new WiFi indoor IP camera is a perfect choice for any home, allowing you to simply plug it in, push the button and connect to your secure Wireless network with WPS.  This means you don’t even have to have anyone to install the camera, you just plug it in.

Unlike many of the ‘cloud’ based cameras that are on the market, this camera uses the security of your WiFi network, and can either record onto a MicroSD card built-in to the camera, or can record onto our enterprise-grade NVR software, included free with this camera for up to 4 cameras.  This secure software will record from one or multiple cameras in your home, and allows for remote access to your cameras from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and more.

Our Hidden indoor WiFi cameras are a great selection when you want to be able to watch the inside of your home without anyone even knowing that you have cameras.  These cameras are designed to blend right in with your décor, providing you with great video coverage, with minimal aesthetic impact.  These cameras can also be combined with the AVM lite software, in combination with our other wired and wireless cameras.

All of these HD IP Cameras can ALSO be combined with any of our Outdoor IP cameras to build a complete home security system.

Indoor Home Security Cameras

Knowing what happens while you’re away has never been easier

Indoor Wireless IP Cameras

Indoor Wireless IP Spy Cameras

Indoor/Outdoor Wired IP Cameras

Protect your home with this 720P HD IP Mini Camera with WiFi WPS


WiFi Indoor Camera with 720P HD and Infrared Night Vision


Hidden WiFi Mini Camera built into a Boom Box Radio


Hidden Boom Box Radio Hidden Nanny Spy WiFi Camera

Watch your Home with this Blu-Ray Player Hidden Nanny Spy Camera with WiFi iPhone iPod Dock hidden Nanny Spy Camera with Wireless WiFi networking Watch what happens at home from anywhere with this Desk Lamp Hidden Spy Camera


Blu-Ray Player DVD Hidden Nanny Spy Camera with WiFi

WiFi Hidden Desk Lamp Wireless Nanny Spy Camera

WiFi Indoor iPod Dock Hidden IP Nanny/Spy Camera






WiFi Hidden PC Speakers Nanny Spy Camera


WiFi Indoor PIR Motion Sensor Style Nanny/Spy Camera

This WiFi hidden Nanny camera is inside a normal Motion Detector Body



When you need to see what happens in your home in a discreet fashion, these nanny cameras are a great choice. Each of these cameras has a built-in WiFi antenna to connect to your wireless network, but is built-in to a normal, everyday item that will fit right into your home’s layout and décor.  These cameras come with free remote setup to allow remote access directly to the camera from your phone.  These cameras also come with our AVM Lite NVR software for recording from up to 4 cameras onto your PC with our Award-Winning Playback with Visual Search!

Finish off your new home security camera system by adding any of these wired IP cameras.  These cameras are durable enough for outside use, but are very popular indoors as well.  These cameras all support PoE (Power Over Ethernet), so they just require a single CAT-5 or CAT-6 network cable, which will supply your camera with power and connect them to the network at the same time.  These versatile cameras are sure to meet your needs, with great Infrared night vision for No-Light video recording too.

This new, attractive indoor mini camera is ideal for use in any room of your home.  Simply plug it into the wall, and connect it to your WiFi network with the push of a button.  This camera is the easiest setup security camera we have seen.  What it lacks in complexity of setup, it makes up for with features!  This camera has a built-in MicroSD card slot, so it can record directly onto a card, as well as working with the included AVM Lite NVR software.  Rounding off the features, is Infrared Night Vision, iPhone and Android remote access and even audio recording.

Protect your home with our HD Mini Wireless IP Camera Submit HD-5110


Indoor/Outdoor 720P Bullet Infrared Camera with PoE

HD-4110 HD-6230 HD-6212


Indoor/Outdoor MicroDome HD 960P Camera w/Wide Lens

Indoor/Outdoor 1080P IR Dome HD Camera with Wide Angle Lens

Indoor/Outdoor 1080P IR Dome HD Camera with 3x Elec. Zoom





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